Coherent UI integration with Ogre3D (video tutorial)

by Alexandra November. 13, 13 4 Comments

Hi Everyone,

Coherent UI is well-known for its integration with Unity3D and CryEngine. Now we have expanded even further and want to show you how to setup the new Coherent UI plugin for Ogre3D graphics engine.

In the demo you’ll see how to setup and display a local HTML resource and also do some basic communication between the C++ and JS code. You’ll find sample implementation for input forwarding in the plugin repository that you can use for making an in-game browser or just interacting with GUI elements.

The current implementation is for Windows only, but a Mac version should be available soon as well.

We strongly recommend to try Coherent UI in Ogre3D yourself and give us your feedback 🙂

Used resources:

Ogre3D Wiki:

Setting up an application with Visual Studio

Basic tutorial 1

Intermediate tutorial 7: Render to texture (RTT)


– CoherentUI repository in GitHub

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  • Hello Coherent Team,

    I think your solution is really great and something I was looking for. And now you make it easily available for Ogre3D. That\’s awesome.
    But here is the question: Ogre is opensource and used by many hobbyists (like myself). Will CoherentUI be free for free/opensource products or will the pricing be similar to the one of Unity?
    Also, what CoherentUI version will I need to download in order to try it with Ogre?
    Since I\’m already asking, could you maybe tell me: how long do you support a buyer – how many updates will I get?

    Best regards,


    • I\’m also curious about that, someone can answer?

  • Without Linux support your wasting your time by supporting Ogre.

    • George Petrov

      Hey Steven,

      Coherent UI SDK fully supports Linux. The video has been recorded on Windows, but in no way the SDK is limited to that platform. You can directly translate most of the concepts to the Linux and OpenGL. There are a few different details on how to get the UI texture, and those are covered by our documentation. If you decide to try it out for yourself and have questions, please email our support at or join our developer forums at We usually answer within 24h.

      — George