Coherent UI Menu Kit for Unity3D

by Alexandra August. 06, 14 0 Comment

Update: Coherent UI is no longer supported. Check the features of our current products – Coherent GT and Hummingbird!

Hello everybody,

I would like to present you our newest feature – the Coherent UI Menu Kit, which is available in Coherent UI for Unity3D.

The Game Menu Kit idea was born in a brainstorm session where we wanted to ease the Unity3D UI Developers – what can save you time, has a visible effect on your game and let you do the fun, experimental and prototyping part. The Unity3D Game Menu Kit is designed to take away the hassle of creating a simple usable menu that works. In just a matter of minutes you can add any number of buttons and attach handlers to each of them, saving you precious prototyping time.
How it works?
1. Add the Coherent UI Menu script to an object that has a Coherent UI View component
2. In the Buttons -> Size property of the Coherent UI Menu script enter the desired number of buttons that you want to see in the menu and click enter
3. For each of the buttons enter its name and whether the button should look Disabled
4. To attach a handler to a button:

  • Attach the script that contains the button handler functions to the game object that has the Coherent UI Menu script
  • Go to the Menu script and expand the Click property of the button you want to attach a handler to
  • Enter a function name that you want to be attached as a handler
  • Click “Is Message” checkbox

This is our initial implementation of the Menu kit and and we plan to further improve and build on it. In the next iteration we would like to include more customization options – Integrated color picker to adjust menu colors and more positioning and styling options.


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