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by Dimitar Trendafilov July. 31, 17 0 Comment
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Three years ago, we proudly announced Coherent GT as our next generation product. At that time, we already powered hundreds of games and applications, and had the need to extend our platform portfolio and support PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Our determination to continuously improve our products and support our customers, has positioned GT as one of the major players in game UI development. We will not stop here, we are ready for the next big commitment and to introduce a new member in our UI solution portfolio.

Today we are excited to announce that Coherent GT is going to the next level. This is the first of two blog posts in which we will tell you what to expect from GT 2.0.


It is no secret that Coherent GT is based on WebKit. We’ve done tremendous changes, so we can provide a blazing fast UI solution, and not simply an in-game web-browser. We replaced entire systems from WebKit, such as rendering, and we introduced extensions to the HTML/CSS standard such as data-binding. You can see where we are up to in the latest GT version 1.14 in the following blog post.

GT Version 2.0 OVERVIEW

The hard work on GT 2.0 is already in progress. Our current internal build is based on Safari Technology Preview 15. Taking into account the frequent releases of STP (every two weeks), we decided that the official GT 2.0 will be based on STP 34, which makes this upgrade so major. In the following weeks, we will share more about the major new features in a detailed post. 

Below is a summary of the major new features that will be introduced with GT 2.0.

  • Updated JS engine with full ES6 support including:
    • The let & const keywords
    • Classes
    • Arrow functions
    • String interpolation
    • For..of loops
    • See this page for a full list of ES6 features
  • Updated CSS engine including:
    • CSS variables boosting the re-usability of CSS values and maintainability of CSS code.
    • CSS calc() function allowing users to define CSS values in terms of math expressions. Used together with CSS variables they can make the creation of complex connections between styles (e.g. have one element’s margin be a function of another element’s width)
    • CSS4 selectors like :not and :matches
  • Updated debugger tools with the latest dev tools available in Safari:
  • Coherent GT2 debugger UI solutionPerformance optimizations across the board


Release date

The public version of Coherent GT 2.0 will be available in September.

If you have any questions about Coherent GT product, you can write a comment below. If you would like to try it, you can Request a demo or contact our Sales team at for more information.

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