New feature and video tutorial: UE4 Game Menu Kit

by Alexandra August. 12, 14 0 Comment

Hey guys,

How often do you think of the time and efforts you spend to create the basics of your own UE4 HUD and UE4 Game Menu?

I would like to present you of the newest Coherent UI features, available in our release – the Coherent UI Menu Kit for Unreal Engine 4.

The UE4 Game Menu Kit is designed to take away the hassle of creating a simple usable menu that works using only Blueprints. No C++ code at all. In just a matter of minutes you can add any number of buttons and attach handlers to each of them, saving you precious prototyping time.

Here’s what has to be done – 3 simple steps:
1. The HTML Menu page that comes with the Kit has everything setup, so you just have to load it using the Setup UI View box.
2. Use the Setup UI Menu box. It takes two parameters – a view component that will be used to display the menu (this should be one that has already loaded the Menu HTML page) and Menu Info – a struct that holds the menu button names and some additional visibility and positioning options. The box returns a menu object that will be used to handle click events.
3. Attach handler for the OnMenuButtonClicked event dispatcher of the menu object. The dispatcher fires an event for every button clicked and has the name of the button clicked as a parameter.

In the video below, one of our developers – Stan is doing a thorough guide of how to setup your own UE4 Game Menu, using Coherent UI. Enjoy!

Get started with Coherent Ui for Unreal Engine 4 today!

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