Video Tutorial: Coherent UI integration in UE4 (part 3 of 3)

by Alexandra July. 23, 14 0 Comment

Part 1 is available here.
Part 2 is available here.
The third part of this tutorial will show you how to do HTML/JavaScript -> game binding and present a sample usage of UI in a 3D world. In order to keep it simple, we will spawn a clickable button in the world and attach game logic on its click (moving the object). We’ll go straight to the steps to get it done.

1. Copy the resources needed for this tutorial.
2. Open the Level Blueprint.
3. Spawn a CoherentUIInputActor and Initialize it.
4. Spawn a CoUIPlane that will hold a HTML button.
5. Register for the button click event.
6. Create a bool variable that will hold the state of the cube.
7. Move the cube depending on its state.














I hope you enjoyed these tutorials. Please stay tuned for more 🙂

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