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by Alexandra August. 20, 15 2 Comments

With the summer almost gone, it’s time to get back to work at full speed. As usual we want to give you the best tools to build your game user interface as easy as possible. That’s why we are working hard on the Coherent UI Editor. This tool enables you to build your UI visually, without the need to write any HTML5 and JavaScript code. A beta version is already included in the latest versions of Coherent GT for UE4 and soon it will be available for Unity 3D and other platforms.  

We know how important it is for you to receive your favorite feature as soon as possible so we have decided to give you a chance to vote for it in our roadmap. We will evaluate the feedback and will prioritize the most voted features with the confidence that this is what you, the customers, want most.


Take a look at the roadmap and help us by voting. Your feedback is important for us!


Also share your thoughts in our forum or leave us a comment here.

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  • I wonder if you might clarify what exactly the Coherent UI Editor is? Is it a visual HTML/CSS code generator like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Frontpage?

    If so, this seems like a mistake to go down this road. If I cared about a visual UI editor I would either a) use UMG or b) use one of the thousands of HTML generators already available.

    The power of your product is in being able to tap into the 20+ years of web development experience, talent, and resources. Thinking that you can add value with a visual editor is borderline hubris.

  • Hristo K

    Hey Chris,

    You are right that the power of products comes from the superiority of HTML over other technologies that can be used for UI. We want use this power and combine it with our own experience in creating game UI to deliver our users the ultimate game UI design tool.

    It would be far different from other web development tools as it would be the first visual HTML editor specifically designed for game UI. Standard tools concentrate on cross-browser comparability and add a lot of unnecessary code. The few tools that provide timeline animations are optimized usually just for initial load time but when you have multiple UI elements that are updated and animated continuously (as in games) the performance degrades. The Coherent Editor on the other hand is build from the ground up with high performance in mind. Also it will have direct data binding that will allow you to quickly bind styles, properties and events of UI elements to your game code. Furthermore it will be integrated with the Coherent Kits that will provide easily customizable, performance optimized animated UI elements for all major game genres.

    Apart from UE4 the Coherent Editor will be distributed also for Unity 3D, native and .Net so UMG is not really a comparable product. Still a few major differences:
    – The Coherent Editor will have far larger feature set as it is based on HTML
    – Faster performance and more versatile animations through Webkit animations
    – integrated game kits that show the best practices and speed up the overall UI development process