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How do we test performance in Coherent Labs
October 29, 2015 Workflow

At Coherent Labs, we care about performance and that should be pretty obvious to anyone that has used one of

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Improve your game UI performance with Coherent GT asynchronicity
July 14, 2015 Workflow

I’m eager to introduce to you a major feature we’ve been working on for some time. Those of our clients

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How to mock and test game UI made with Coherent GT in Google Chrome?
July 01, 2015 TechTutorials

One of the neat features of the newly released Coherent GT 1.1 is the support for what we call ‘browser

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First peek into the Coherent Editor
April 29, 2015 Workflow

Hey guys, today I would like to introduce a new feature of Coherent GT that has been in development in

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Coherent GT vs UMG – An experience comparison
December 22, 2014 Workflow

Recently I did a performance comparison between Coherent GT and UMG and by doing so I gained insight on working

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Coherent GT vs Unreal Motion Graphics – a performance comparison
December 04, 2014 Workflow

Recently, Epic Games released the new UI system for the renown Unreal Engine – Unreal Motion Graphics (UMG). We made

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Create Awesome Crosshair!
November 05, 2014 TechTutorials

Hey guys, in this short tutorial we will show you how to create crosshair for you game ui, using HTML

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Coherent UI multi-process architecture
September 04, 2014 Workflow

What is Coherent UI? Coherent UI is a software development kit that allows game developers to create stunning user interfaces

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Surface Views for Mobile Platforms
February 20, 2014 TechTutorials

Having Coherent UI view on a surface for iOS and Android was probably one of the most requested features of

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Using Coherent UI with TypeScript 0.9
July 08, 2013 Blog

Some time ago we showed how to use Coherent UI with TypeScript via the .Net method binding .Now that TypeScript

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