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Hummingbird 1.14 released!
October 08, 2018 Blog, Release

Sometimes you need a couple of months to build the next big feature. Other times you get ambitious and want

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Hummingbird 1.12 released!
July 18, 2018 Blog, Release

The pride of this release is one amazing new feature – shape morphing. Shape morphing, as the name suggests, allows

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Development process in Coherent Labs
June 29, 2018 Blog, Workflow

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Learn how to use Async/Await!
June 25, 2018 Blog, TechTutorials

In brief, in this tutorial we will demonstrate how to use the Async/Await JavaScript feature. Async/Await Overview In case you

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Hummingbird 1.11 released!
June 14, 2018 Blog, Release

As you can probably guess, we’ve got a couple of dedicated dev teams working on different subsystems of the technology.

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Modular design in game UI
June 07, 2018 Blog, TechTutorials

In this blog post, we will illustrate how to distribute a complex UI in several UI-specific widgets, placed in different .fla files

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Introducing Coherent Console Fonts
May 30, 2018 Art Tutorials, Blog

  As most of you know, icon fonts are font files that are filled with icons and graphs instead of

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How to use TypeScript for Game UI?
May 22, 2018 Blog, TechTutorials

What is TypeScript? Overview By definition, “TypeScript is JavaScript for application-scale development”. TypeScript is a strongly typed, object oriented, open-source

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Hummingbird 1.10 released!
May 04, 2018 Blog, Release

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What you need to know about Hummingbird’s support for Nintendo Switch
April 24, 2018 Blog, News

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