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Unreal Engine 4 – first impression on the gamedev environment (infographic)
June 03, 2014 News

Few weeks ago we conducted a survey to help us get a better understanding of the Unreal Engine 4 community. The survey

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Announcing Unreal Engine 4 and CRYENGINE integration
March 31, 2014 News

With GDC 2014 already behind our backs, there are so many outcomes and great new releases, that one can’t really

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Coherent UI Mobile Beta for Unity3D now features Android support
July 24, 2013 News

We, at Coherent Labs are very pleased to inform you that our last couple of weeks of intensive development and

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Coherent UI Mobile comes for Unity3D
June 12, 2013 News

We have started Coherent Labs with the vision to bring to developers the best tools to build game user interface.

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7 GDC talks programmers should not miss
March 11, 2013 News

Game Developers Conference 2013 is where game industry veterans are going to be in a few short weeks. Besides the

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Coherent UI in CryEngine 3 (Redux)
January 29, 2013 News

Coherent UI in CryEngine 3 (Redux) After the article on about Coherent UI, a lot of people read our previous blog post about

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6 reasons to be at GDC 2013
January 24, 2013 News

Is it worth being at GDC 2013? 2 months left till the biggest game developers conference in San Francisco and

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Meet Coherent Labs on Game Connection in Paris
November 22, 2012 News

There are only 6 days left till the start of Game Connection 2012 in Paris. And we can hardly wait because next

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Unity3D integration with Coherent UI – Public Beta
November 21, 2012 News

Coherent UI is really happy to announce today the official public beta of our integration with the Unity3D game engine! In

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Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor – Introduction
November 13, 2012 News

We would like to share a video showing the first version of the Coherent UI integration in the Unity3D editor. In this

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