Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor – Introduction

by Alexandra November. 13, 12 8 Comments

We would like to share a video showing the first version of the Coherent UI integration in the Unity3D editor. In this video we show how to:

  • Import the Coherent UI package
  • Create an in-game object with a web page on it
  • Interact with a web page in the game
  • Add a HUD powered by Coherent UI
  • Build the game

We plan to release a Beta version of the product in a couple of weeks tops so stay tuned! For any suggestions or thoughts about the Unity integration please leave a comment or visit this thread.

How it works

The integration is very powerful yet very simple to use and requires little or no programming at all as we have wrapped everything in components with editor-accessible properties. However, we also expose to script all the features available in the .NET and C++ version of the library so more custom behavior can also be achieved.

What happens in the video:

1. We load an empty scene and add a floor, a light and a cube on which we’ll project what in Coherent UI terms we call a ‘View’. A view is something that Coherent UI renders – that could be a HUD element, a projected web page, an animation – anything wrapped in an HTML page.

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
Simple scene

2. We add a character controller so that we can move around

3.We import the Coherent UI package. The component we are interested in this tutorial is ‘CoherentUIView’. We drag it on one of the faces of the cube. All the various properties of the View are editable in the Inspector. By default it will load Let’s hit ‘Play’.

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
A Coherent UI View on an object

4. We can see the web page on the game object in Unity!

5. We change the web page and the resolution.

6. Now we have a nicer page in a better resolution.

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
An interactable web-page projected on a game object

7. The next thing is to make the page interactable. To do this we add a Mesh Collider component to the mesh. Then a UserScipt component that just handles the raycast and mouse button translation to the Coherent UI View. We also add some code to the camera to stop it from receiving when we hit ‘L’, otherwise it’s very hard to click on anything with the mouse-look on. That’s it – the View is now fully interactable.

8. Now for the HUD – we just drag the ‘CoherentUIView’ component on our Main Camera. We have made the HUD resources and copy them in our project and set the View’s Page property to coui://TestPages/demo/demo.html.

‘coui’ is a special protocol we use to signal that the resource is local and subject to loading through the file handlers supplied by the application. In this way you can use a custom resource manager as well as for instance encrypt your UI data. The HUD looks pixelated because the resolution we set does not coincide with the one of the Editor pane. It will however be OK in the game when we build it. In your games the resolution will always be tied to the actual resolution of the Camera (the back-buffer).

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
A sample HUD made rendered through Coherent UI

9. The Coherent UI integration handles all cases and detects if the component is attached to and object in the world or a camera. It is compatible with post effects. We can add an effect on the camera. By default that effect will be applied to the View also. However this might not be desirable so by clicking ‘Apply After Post-Effects’ you can disable them on the View.

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
Post effects can be applied or skipped on Coherent UI Views

10. We now just have to build the game. Coherent UI resources will automatically be copied and made available at runtime.

Coherent UI in the Unity3D editor - Introduction
The built game

All Coherent UI rendering happens in the native C++ plugin so it’s impact on the performance of your game should be minimal.


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  • pride

    A mesh with the coherentUIView script attached will crash unity if the \”isTransparent\” checkbox is checked. This happens in windows. I am testing the 1.3.0 coherent version on unity 4.0.0f7. Is there any solution for this?

    • DT

      Does this happen in the editor or in a standalone game?

      Coherent UI uses the default \”Transparent / Diffuse\” shader for rendering transparent views on a mesh. Set it explicitly the material of your mesh. Otherwise Unity3D might not load it and that causes UnityEngine.Shader.Find to hang / crash.

      Do you have modifications in the \”Transparent / Diffuse\” shader? There are plugins that modify them and that would quite likely cause a crash too.

  • Edgar Sanchez

    If my html content runs on the Main Camera how do I make it accept mouse input?

    • DT

      Take a look at our sample Sample_MenuAndHUD. There is a script called ObjectPicker. The first part (lines from 29 to 50) of its Update method takes care of sending the input to the view on the main camera.

  • santino

    If you guys don\’t release some good video tutorials on how to make a HUD ect with this and unity then I think you will fail in the unity community like many others.

    The problem with developers like yourselves is that you\’re great with the technical side of things but have a very poor scope of things.

    \”Think\” from the user point of view. is he going to have spent time reading your code to learn? I don\’t think so.

    Spend a little time making video tutorials and you will be successful with the unity community.

    That is what RAIN {One} never understood. Too smart to see through the eyes of the not so smart.

    Good luck.

    • DT

      It is true that adding video tutorials and more samples are of great importance for the success of Coherent UI. We are already working on some video tutorials covering HUDs and common dialogs. Unfortunately they require a lot of effort to be impressive as we want them to be, so just stay tuned.

  • Tried the tutorial for a metaio augmented reality scene for iOS. Problems I got are obvious regarded to the memory management of iOS 7.x for web content, because I need to display a website with embed google maps data. Another problem is that the plane, where CoherentUIView is attached on, can not be displayed as a AR content (normally this content should show up when a marker is tracked, but this UIView is just disabling this \’feature\’).
    Any solutions on your side for my little problem?

    • Nick

      This tutorial is quite old and shows some features that are available on desktop platforms only (such as rendering before or after post-effects). The mobile was released later in time and for iOS specifically has the capabilities and memory requirements of the OS\’s UIWebView.

      I haven\’t personally tried integrating Google maps but you can ask your question on our forums where more users can share their experience.