A major update of Coherent UI is now in open beta, featuring newer version of Chromium!

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Coherent UI with Chromium 40 now in open beta

You can now download the new beta release
that includes performance and stability improvements,
as well as other long-awaited features.

This new version includes Chromium 40 so you can take advantage of some powerful features that will help you build even better game UI.

  • With HTML Imports you can include HTML documents in other HTML documents. This is especially useful to develop different components of your HUD separately and to keep your code structure well organized and easy for reusing.
  • With the updated WebRTC API, Coherent UI supports the latest and greatest WebRTC standard.
  • With Custom Elements you are able to define new types of HTML Elements and logically bundle together custom functionality into a single tag. This will untie your hands to create complicated yet meaningful, easy to understand, and more importantly – maintainable UI elements.
  • You can take advantage of the new ECMAScript 6 features, such as Promises, Iterators, Generators and Object.observe().
  • You can use the latest codecs and formats as VP9, Opus and WOFF 2.0 and many more.

These are just a fraction of the reasons why you should go and check out our Coherent UI beta.

If you are eager to start improving your game UI right now, send us a download request and don’t forget to mention in the “Project and Team” field that you want to get the beta!

Share your thoughts in the comment section below or in our forum. We will be happy to hear from you!

Update: Coherent UI is no longer supported. Check the features of our current products – Coherent GT and Hummingbird!

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