Coherent GT 1.0 is already here!

by Alexandra May. 11, 15 01 Comment

Today we officially release our high-performance lightweight UI Platform- Coherent GT 1.0!

For the last months, we have been working hard on adding new features and polishing the performance of our solution. Now, we are ready to release the full potential of the web technologies and help developers create stunning UI within hours!

Update: Check the latest release – Coherent GT 2.0

Coherent GT focuses on improving the rendering performance. It has a synchronous UI scripting model and implements a 100% in-process architecture, which allows integration in the core rendering of the game. In an upcoming version of Coherent GT, will be introduced the new visual editor which will further improve the workflow and the developer experience. The editor will offer live editing, keyframe animations, and many more helpful features which will make it easy for everyone on the team to build and alter the UI. Read more here.

What are the new features we have added in Coherent GT 1.0 since our last release 0.9.7?

Live Views (Picture-in-picture)

Coherent GT now supports our unique feature called Live Views. With the Live Views, developers can easily embed content rendered by the 3D Engine directly in the UI. Adding unit portraits, creating minimaps, particle effects, rear view mirrors for racing games and much more is fast and simple.

This content becomes an HTML element that can be used as any other standard element and can participate in the layout, animation, and interaction of the page.
The Live View implementation in GT incurs minimal overhead. Designers can add multiple Live View instances to their interface on any resolution.

Perspective CSS3 transforms

With perspective transforms, designers can now animate elements in 3D within the UI. The effect makes elements feel much more natural within a 3D game and additionally blurs the line between traditional interface and the 3D game engine content.

In this video you can see the amazing CSS 3D periodic table demo in Coherent GT.

CSS3 Image Filters

Designers can now add post-effects to their interfaces. The full spectrum of CSS3 image filters can be used for special effects on the UI. Blur, grayscale, sepia, color grading etc. enhance the visual appeal and possibilities in the UI design.

Full Mac support

Coherent GT’s Mac support has been in Beta for some time, but now it is ready! Both native C++ developers and Unreal Engine 4 clients can use Coherent GT to broaden their market reach. The Mac version is completely at par feature-wise with the Windows version. Linux support is currently in Beta and soon will be released.

Coherent GT 1.0 is pre-integrated with Unreal Engine 4 and also comes with a Native (C++) version which can easily be integrated with your in-house engines. (Soon will be available for Unity3D as well)

Don’t hesitate to contact us at and get your free evaluation copy now!

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