Prysm player can play video through the standard <video> element. Instead of adding this tag to your code the Prysm Exporter gives you the functionality to add video simply by clicking a few buttons in the panel.

More about the video tag - Here.

Video can only be added to symbols.
  • Currently, there are some restrictions for videos:
    • They must be in the webm format.
    • Their video tracks must be encoded with VP8 or VP9.
    • Their audio tracks must be encoded with Vorbis.

More about the video support in the Prysm Player - Here.

Video options

  • Currently, we support:
    • Src - The source of the video.
    • Initial-state - The initial state of the video playback.
      • auto-play - The video will be auto-played when the scene is loaded.
      • paused - The video will be paused once the scene is loaded.
    • Loop - Whether or not to continuously loop the video.


  1. Navigate to the Document tab.

  2. Add a video file using the + button located in video files container. alt text

  3. Choose a video file from the file explorer - just webm videos will be shown. alt text

  4. Select the element which will behave as video.

    • The element should be a symbol! alt text
  5. Navigate to the Properties tab

  6. Check the Video checkbox and the Video options will be shown.

    Symbol elements can't behave as video and live-view at the same time! If you check your element to behave as video then the live-view button will become disabled and vice versa.
    alt text

  7. Click on the Src drop down menu and select the name of the video file you added in step 3. alt text

  8. Optional - You can select the play state of the video in the State drop down menu.

    • The default state is auto-play.
    • auto-play - The video will be played immediately after the Player is launched.
    • paused - The video won't be played after the Player is launched.
      • There will be no image of the video shown before you actually play it.
      • How to play the video when it is paused check here. alt text
  9. Launch the Player and preview the results.