Fonts support

Coherent Prysm works by copying font files from system font folders to the output folder. It is also able to directly link to font files in shared folders.

Formats .ttf, ttc and .otf are supported.

Fonts with a UTF-8 encoded name are supported as well.

Not supported scenarios

The Adobe Animate custom platform API imposes certain restrictions, so sometimes Coherent Prysm isn't able to correctly figure out which font file should be copied from the system font folders.

The following table illustrates scenarios that might cause Coherent Prysm to not generate a font file.

Case Description
Font family name longer than 31 symbols The Adobe Animate custom platform API supplies only the first 31 symbols of a font family name, therefore Prysm isn't able to export fonts with family names longer than 31 symbols.
Font weight in the font family Coherent Prysm is able to export fonts that have a font-weight in their font family, however, the font-weight should not be present in both the name and the family. Coherent Prysm is able to generate name "Arial" style "Black" and name "Arial Black" style "Regular" but not name "Arial Black" style "Black".
Multiple font weights in the font family Font files with a family name that contains more than one font-weight are not properly exported. E.g "Arial Black Bold Light"

How different font properties can be checked/edited by the user

To make sure that everything is good with your font file table properties you can check it from the font forge application. It will display all the font information so you can check the problematic fields like Family, Fullname, and Styles. To access them you need to open a font inside the font forge app and then Element -> Font info -> TTF Names.

Known issues

Issue Description
Different font names on Mac and Windows On Mac OS font is searched by its full name. On Windows font is searched by its family name. The exported font from Coherent Prysm might have a different name on Mac and Windows when the full font name and family name are different.