Surface Partitioning

COHTML makes it possible to use surface partitioning as described - here.

To generate surface partitioning suitable content through Animate you can use the Export for surface partitioning checkbox in the Document tab. When set to true the Exporter will generate the coh-partitioned: on CSS declaration for all scene level movie clips. Furthermore, the tool generates a coh-composition-id declaration for all movie clips at the scene level. The value of the id is the formatted symbol name where all spaces and slashes are converted to dashes. If an instance name is set to a movie clip it will be used as the coh-composition-id.

Note: All NON movie clip elements at the scene level won't be generated when exporting for surface partitioning.

Note: Using the instance name as coh-composition-id approach is suitable when there are multiple movie clips with the same resource id on the stage e.g. in the case of buttons.