Supported Features

Some Animate features will most likely never be supported as they have no meaningful purpose in modern UI. For the convenience of the user the majority of the unsupported features are automatically disabled from their respective menus(the grayed out bone tool in the image below). However, some features are partially supported and are enabled so before using Prysm the list below should be read carefully.

Unsupported features and feature differences

  • 3D Transformations are not supported.
  • Virtual Camera is not supported.
  • Bone Tools are not supported.

Known Issues

  • Fonts installed through the Windows Store are not exported.
  • User-only fonts are not exported when the username is not ASCII.
  • Preserving selection on export
  • Sometimes we are receiving broken data from the Animate's API when some document is published. We found that when a document is exported and its main timeline(scene) is currently edited then the data we receive is always correct. That is why on export Prysm exporter navigates the document to the main timeline which leads to losing focus of the current selection. When this selection is deeply nested in the document it is very inconvenient to navigate manually back to it after export.
  • That is why we added an additional option to the Prysm exporter panel that can enable two behaviors on publish:
    • Do not preserve selection on export - it will work like it is now and will navigate to the top timeline(scene) when publishing the scene. There won't have any history entries inside the history panel.
    • Preserve the selection on export - Will preserve the selection on publishing and won't navigate anywhere. However, a single history entry will be added to the history panel on each publish when this behavior is enabled.
    • Note - if you are editing content inside a group or nested groups that are located inside the scene timeline you will be navigated back to the scene's timeline. That is happening because we have minimal control over group elements from Animate's API so we can't recognize exactly where the current selection is located in that case and we can't properly restore it after publishing.
  • To enable some of the behaviors above you can use the Preserve selection on export option located in the Document tab -> Configuration.
    • true(default) - Will enable preserving selection when document is exported.
    • false - Will disable preserving selection when the document is exported.

This option can be set through a project file as well.

Detailed List of Supported Features

Main feature Feature groups Feature Notes Supported
Stroke Style Solid YES
Hairline YES
Dashed NO
Dotted NO
Ragged NO
Stippled NO
Hatched NO
Scale Normal YES
Fill Filltype
NoFill YES
SolidFill YES
LinearGradientFill YES
RadialGradientFill Changing the focal point of a gradient is not supported. Creating an elliptical gradient is not supported. PARTIAL
BitmapFill NO
GradientFlow Extend YES
Reflect NO
Repeat NO
LinearRGB NO
Text InstanceName YES
TextType DynamicText YES
InputText YES
StaticText NO
TextFormat LeftAlign YES
RightAlign YES
CentreAlign YES
Justify YES
SubScript NO
SuperScript NO
Margins YES
Selectable YES
LineType SingleLine YES
MultiLine YES
MultiLineNoWrap YES
Password YES
FontEmbed NO
Motion Tween YES
AutoKern NO
AntiAlias NO
RenderAsHtml NO
Show border around text YES
TextLinkage NO
Scrollable NO
LetterSpacing YES
LineSpacing NO
Symbol SymbolType MovieClip YES
Graphic Graphic symbols are converted to movie clips when a document is opened. NO
Button NO
BlendModes Normal YES
Darken YES
Lighten YES
Screen YES
Overlay YES
Hard Light YES
Difference YES
Layer NO
Add NO
Subtract NO
Invert NO
Alpha NO
Erase NO
ColorEffect None YES
Advanced YES
Alpha YES
BitmapBackground Transparent YES
Opaque YES
9-slice Slicing images and movie clips is supported. More info here. YES
Filter DropShadowFilter Quality NO
Angle YES
Distance YES
Inner NO
GlowFilter Quality NO
Inner NO
BlurFilter YES
BevelFilter NO
GradientGlowFilter NO
GradientBevelFilter NO
AdjustColorFilter NO
Layer Normal YES
MaskLayer Check this out for details. PARTIAL
Folder YES
GuideLayer YES
Color effects YES
Blend modes YES
Transform Scale YES
Rotation YES
Skew YES
VariableWidth NO
Components We support a custom components implementation. NO
Debug NO
SwfObjects ImportEmbeddedSWF NO
Compiler NO
Video Videos can be created through the panel. More info here. NO
RuntimeSharedLibraries NO
Accessibility NO
FrameScript YES
Sound Effect NO
Sync Event NO
Start NO
Stop NO
Stream NO
MotionTween YES
ClassicTween Rotate None YES
Auto YES
ShapeTween Elements on shape tween spans are ignored. NO