mask png

Prysm supports masks in the following manner.

  • A mask layer can contain multiple frame spans.
  • Each frame span can contain only shapes or a movie clip. In the case of a movie clip, the movie clip can have 1 frame span with shapes only.
    • Drawing objects and shape primitives are supported.
  • Motion tween and Classic tween are supported in mask layers.

Notable behaviors

  • The frame count of the mask layer frame span affects the duration of other animations on the stage.
    • If the mask layer has the most frames in the current timeline, all other animations in the timeline will have a longer duration.
  • Strokes are counted in the HTML mask and ignored in Animate.
  • All shapes and drawing objects in the mask layer are counted towards the mask.
  • Masks respect the animation iteration count selected for a play, gotoAndPlay and playFromTo actions while other animations don't.

Known limitations

  • Components don't work with masks.
  • Masks can be slightly offset from other motion tween animations, because currently mask tweens aren't interpolated.
  • Using playFromTo stops animations at the end of the frame, so other tweened elements will be ahead in their animation compared to masks.
  • When playFromTo is used, mask tweens will sometimes flicker at the last frame.