mask png

  • Masks are partially supported in Coherent Prysm.
  • The exporter generates masks in HTML only for mask layers that have a single untweened frame span that only contains shapes.
  • All mask layers that are different from the supported will be ignored and exported as normal layers.
  • There is no limitation for the masked content.

HTML Result

All child layers of a mask layer are exported as usual and wrapped with a div element that has a mask-image: url(path/to/my.svg) CSS declaration that clips the mask children.

Notable behaviors

  • The frame count of the mask layer frame span affects the duration of other animations on the stage.
    • If the mask layer has the most frames in the current timeline, all other animations in the timeline will have a longer duration.
  • Strokes are counted in the HTML mask and ignored in Animate.
  • All shapes and drawing objects in the mask layer are counted towards the mask.