Coherent Prysm Exporter v2.0

Official Documentation

The Coherent Prysm Add-on enables UI Artists & Designers to use the power of Adobe Animate to create stunning UI compositions with Vector graphics, Complex animations, Reusable symbols, and Advanced effects. Prysm exports the authored content as standard HTML/CSS/JS/SVG content optimized for the Coherent renderers. The solution empowers UI Designers to create more complex compositions (by utilizing the advanced features) in less time (by utilizing the better development environment and workflow).

A Coherent Prysm Exporter v2.0 LTS(Long-term support) version is available and its documentation can be found here.

This documentation is for the Coherent Prysm Exporter v2.0 which is the next generation of the Coherent Prysm Exporter. Working with the old documentation is recommended for users of the old generation.